Orlando Guardian Ad Litem Attorney

Florida courts may need to appoint an Orlando guardian ad litem attorney to represent a child or children whose parents are involved in divorce or parenting plan proceedings, parental rights case or other family law case. The family law attorneys at TK Law are committed to serving in the role of guardian ad litem for these children and being their voice in court, often when there is conflict between parents, or in instances of abuse, neglect or abandonment.

In guardian ad litem cases, our attorneys are not directly representing the child or children, rather we are charged with acting in the child’s or children’s best interest. The appointment of guardian ad litem can be requested by either spouse in a divorce case, or the judge may deem it necessary to appoint a guardian ad litem in order to serve the best interests of the child.

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Parents, judges and third parties seek our services in guardian ad litem matters because they trust our compassion, our ability to remain neutral between both parents, and our successful experience representing families throughout Central Florida. Our independent investigation into the lives of the children we are appointed to serve have uncovered intricate details that lead to better circumstances after presented to the court.

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Our Role as Orlando Guardian Ad Litem Attorney

Our caring lawyers provide a safe and comfortable environment for the children to share information about their circumstances with us. We initiate other interviews as necessary with parents, family and other important witnesses in the case.

Our experienced attorneys launch thorough investigations into any accusations made, and we use our knowledge to examine court, police, medical and school reports to identify any potential trends in the life of the child. Our attorneys evaluate and inspect documents and records concerning the child’s economic, medical, dental, educational and psychological well-being.

We do not make rash decisions based on bits and pieces of information. We want a full understanding of the daily routine for each child we work with in order to know the best next steps for the child’s successful future.

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How Recommendations of Our Guardian Ad Litem Attorney Can Help

Based upon our own systematic research into the child’s surroundings and emotional state, we make recommendations to the court concerning the best interest of the child. When needed, we help connect Orlando families with Central Florida agencies that are designed to benefit the child. The recommendations we present to the court will may support or affect court decisions regarding child custody, visitation and time sharing, child support and various other aspect of a divorce case.

We strive to be a brace of stability in the lives of children involved in divorce who are confronted with a confusing and too-busy judicial system. All of our services are confidential. Only full disclosure is relayed to the judge and other essential parties for the child’s safety and well-being.

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