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The Orlando divorce mediation attorneys at TK Law work closely with divorcing clients who wish to resolve their disputes through mediation rather than going through the often combative and costly process of divorce litigation.

Through mediation, divorcing spouses often find more balance and order and gain control over their futures by working together to create solutions that work for them.

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What is Mediation in Orlando Divorce and How Does it Work?

Mediation occurs when a neutral third party – the mediator – meets with both spouses and their attorneys in order to reach decisions suitable for a final divorce. The mediator’s function is to act as a facilitator, exploring various options for settlement with both parties. The mediator identifies the issues under dispute and proposes solutions that meet the needs of each person involved in the divorce.

The attorneys at TK Law have personally served either as effective mediators or as divorce attorneys representing both husbands and wives in hundreds of cases.

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Why Mediation?

Through mediation, couples work out the issues of divorce on their own terms, without the intervention of a judge. Solutions reached through mediation can be creative and customized to very unique situations. Such solutions might never be attainable through a divorce court.

Many contested divorce matters can be settled during mediation without the parties fighting in an actual courtroom. Moreover, mediation usually costs less than litigation.

A Florida court may refer divorcing spouses to mediation if there are certain contested issues that need to be addressed. These issues include:

Other orders, including alimony and other forms of temporary relief, can also be discussed in mediation.

If both spouses reach an agreement on the contested issues, the mediator will submit an agreement to both parties and their attorneys for review. Once everyone approves, a Florida court will review the consent order from which the agreement is based and determine whether to approve it. The order may then be enforced in the same way as any other court order.

In some cases, the court may order mediation expenses incurred in the filing, recording and service of process fees to be paid by only one spouse.

Why TK Law?

Our experience with Orlando mediation in divorce cases will help guide you through the process, keep you informed, and review all agreements to be sure your interests and rights are protected.

We are deeply committed to the process of mediation in divorce. We also know that mediation is not for everyone. Your mediation attorney at TK Law will take the necessary time with you to determine what the best circumstances for mediation will be in your case, as well as assist in reaching a conclusion on what is and is not negotiable for your family.

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