Family Attorney: Florida MSAs Need to Be Modifiable

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As an Orlando family attorney, I’m well aware of how Florida’s divorce laws regarding alimony favor the spouse that is earning less money in a long-term marriage. Generally, if you’ve been married for over 15 years, there’s a good chance that you will be paying permanent alimony if you are the “breadwinner” in the relationship.

That’s right – permanent. And unless you really believe that you have a strong case against your spouse, most any family attorney will tell you that it is not worth fighting against this practice because you’ll just end up paying a bunch of legal fees and still be forced to pay permanent alimony.

But the worst part is that, until recently, it has been incredibly difficult to go back and alter the marital settlement agreement if either person’s circumstances change in the future. Your spouse could marry a millionaire a few years after divorcing you, and it’s possible that you’d still have to pay.

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Family Attorney: 2011 Changes Try to Rectify the Problem

In 2011, reforms laws were passed to make it harder for someone to get permanent alimony and easier to change the marital settlement agreement later. Activists are thrilled about this law, but most people say it still does not do enough.

Why? Because the language isn’t specific enough to really keep judges from ordering permanent alimony, and most are so used to doing it that they have simply continued the practice. That’s why you want to make sure you not only have an experienced attorney with you when you’re drawing up the divorce settlement, but also one that you trust down the line if you need to work to change the document. Today you have legislation on your side, but it’s still an uphill battle.

Orlando Family Attorney: It’s about Fairness

There is no reason that a middle class person should be forced to support his or her ex for their entire life if that person ends up making more money than they do in the future. Of course, many other factors come into play as well. At the very least we need to continue to raise awareness about the new law and work to end alimony payments for exes who no longer need it. If you are fighting a similar situation right now, you need to talk to an experienced Orlando family attorney as soon as possible.

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