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Multi-State Family Law Cases

Custody and visitation (or time-sharing in Florida) is often more complex when parents live in different counties, states or even countries. If a parent intends to relocate or to contest an illegal relocation with the children, it is important to speak with an Orlando multi-state jurisdiction attorney who knows what laws to effectively apply your case.

Parents with child custody or visitation rights in one state commonly relocate to other states for job opportunities, to be closer to family, or for other reasons. The Uniform Child Custody and Jurisdiction Enforcement Act (UCCJEA) governs the enforcement and reasonability of child custody and visitation in Florida.

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Additionally, military families facing divorce may involve a spouse who is stationed overseas, or couples who move frequently. The unique situations of military personnel affect jurisdiction requirements and accommodations. TK Law can assist you in all of these matters.

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Where to File for Child Custody or Visitation

It is a misconception that once custody and visitation is established in one court, or the “home state,” that no other court can handle the case. With the proper court filing and provided a child is not abducted or illegally relocated in any way, jurisdiction is almost always in the area in which the child or children have lived for at least six months prior to the petition.

The UCCJEA provides that when the current residence of at least six months is different than where the initial or most recent court proceeding was heard, then the current court may uphold any logical decisions made by the previous jurisdiction.

Contempt in Multi-state Jurisdiction Cases

It is critical to seek legal help involving all relocations beyond 50 miles or to another state by either parent granted custody or visitation rights. Any move, no matter what verbal agreements exist, can be held as contempt if not properly filed in court in the correct jurisdiction. There are very few exceptions, such as alternative steps if a parent is suspected of child abuse.

Avoid criminal liability and gaps in your child’s custody or visitation by contacting a family law attorney today.

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Orlando Attorneys for Multi-state Family Law Cases

The priority in family law cases is usually peace of mind for all those involved, and especially children. This goal should not be complicated by inadequate legal services.

A TK Law, our attorneys have decades of accomplished experience guiding our clients through often tedious divorce and family law matters. We offer the local and compassionate representation that makes the legal process more comfortable, while also employing any experts our clients may benefit from throughout the case.

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