Orlando Divorce Attorney: 4 More Things to Know Before Divorce

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Part of what I do as a divorce attorney in Orlando is make sure that my clients know exactly what to expect in their divorce case. I shared five important things to know in the video above, and now I would like to share four more.

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1. You need to know your spouse’s annual income. In cases where child support or alimony is going to be an issue, the court cannot come to a decision on who has to pay what unless both spouses have presented their annual income. If your divorce is particularly emotional, you may feel like you cannot talk to your spouse about his or her income. That is when you, your divorce attorney and Orlando mediator can work through the issue and get that information.

2. In long-term marriages with different levels of income, the spouse who makes more will generally pay alimony. In Florida, a short-term marriage is defined as less than seven years, while medium and long-term marriages start at seven years or more. In any medium or long-term marriage case where there is a significant difference between the spouses’ levels of income, whoever makes more can expect to pay a certain amount of alimony. This is particularly likely if one spouse has been out of the workforce for a long time – perhaps to be your children’s primary caretaker – and may have trouble finding a job right away. A competent divorce attorney in Orlando will ensure that you know all of your options and that the court is aware of all pertinent issues regarding alimony in your case.

3. If you cannot come to an agreement on your parenting plan, the court will do it for you. It is always best to be able to work with your spouse to come up with a parenting plan that you can both agree on because if you end up fighting over it and cannot present the court with a cohesive plan, the court will come up with one for you.

To clarify the above video, in Florida, there is no presumption against sharing custody 50/50, but there may be circumstances that would cause the court to divide time with your kids up differently. If you do not want to leave the decision to the Court, it is often better for you and your spouse to come up with a plan on your own terms. Your lawyer will work with you formulate a fair and workable parenting plan solution for divorce in Orlando.

4. If you cannot agree on how to divide your assets, the court will do that too. Florida is an equitable distribution state, so if you and your spouse cannot agree on how to split up your assets, the court will assign a monetary value to all your marital property and split it “equitably,” which means fairly, but not necessarily equally. I would recommend that you work with an experienced divorce attorney in Orlando to come up with the best arrangement for you and your spouse.

If you feel like your spouse is reasonable, then you can mediate or settle the issues in your divorce out of court. On the other hand, if you are not happy with your spouse’s position or the offer on the table, a good attorney can help you through the divorce process, work to get you the best result possible and minimize your stress.

An Experienced Divorce Attorney in Orlando Can Help

When you decide to divorce, you might feel like storming out and immediately taking your case to court. Sometimes it makes sense to push your case forward and move towards a trial. A good attorney will help you determine whether it makes more sense to litigate or come to an agreement outside of court.

The items above are just a few reasons why it is beneficial for everyone involved to prepare for divorce using sound judgment. With the help of a good family law lawyer, you are making sure that your and your children’s best interests are protected.

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