Orlando Divorce Records: What Can Be Used Against You

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Writing about how social media accounts can be used against you made me think about the many other kinds of Orlando divorce records that can come into play and affect the outcome of your separation from your spouse. Many of these are pretty obvious if you think about it, but it’s worth mentioning if you believe that your divorce will be contentious and you and your spouse separate for a time before officially divorcing. These records can affect alimony, child support, and more.

A lot of the things on this list come down to one simple idea: you’re not divorced until the paperwork is final. An experienced family law lawyer will tell you that anything and everything you do up until the date of your divorce is something that can be used against you—even if you and your spouse are separated or agree to see other people.

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Watch Out for These Orlando Divorce Records

So, what kinds of things do you need to watch out for?

Pictures and videos. The idea of a spouse hiring a private investigator to catch a cheater in the act isn’t a new one, but many people are surprised that this kind of evidence still applies if you have a relationship after you file for divorce or a separation. Unfortunately, it matters—sometimes a lot.

Letters and phone calls. Just like the example above, if you’re seeing someone and you frequently write or call them during your divorce proceedings, this is fair game for your spouse to use against you.

Expenses. Do you charge hotel rooms or other potentially “romantic” gifts to your credit card or set up payments for these kinds of purchases from your checking account? How much money you make and how you spend it are always going to play a role in how your divorce proceedings go, but if you’re paying for flowers and chocolates and weekend getaways, it can be a big negative impact.

Conversations. You don’t have to tell people about your life on Facebook for it to be used against you in court. If you share parts of your personal life with friends and acquaintances, it’s always possible that they may make a statement against you and provide damning information.

Orlando Divorce Records: Remember That You’re Still Married

Ultimately, that’s what it comes down to. While the proceedings are still ongoing, you need to remember that legally you have a spouse, so you should act like it. But don’t forget that if you have to behave, so does your spouse, and you should definitely have your family law lawyer make sure they’re doing so. Orlando divorce records like the ones mentioned above cut both ways.

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