Orlando Family Law: How a Motion for Contempt Works

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Above I mentioned that the best way to handle an ex who is not paying child support in Orlando family law is to file a motion for contempt against them.  Because they are violating a contract with the court that they have previously agreed to, it’s possible to take all sorts of legal actions against them until they pay what they owe.

But what are the actual steps and requirements in order for you to do this? Right now I’m going to walk you through them so that you have an idea of what you’re going to need to do if this situation ever comes up for you.

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Steps to File a Motion for Contempt in Orlando Family Law

A lot of these instructions are pretty simple and straightforward, but I think it’s important to lay them out step-by-step because it’s definitely not something that you want to make a mistake on.

  1. The motion has to be printed or typed in black ink.
  2. It has to be signed in front of either a deputy clerk or a notary public.
  3. The original document needs to be filed in the same county where you filed your case with the circuit court’s clerk.
  4. A second copy needs to be personally served to the other parties in the case (namely, your ex) by a process server or the sheriff in your area.
  5. Always keep a copy of the motion for yourself to put in your records.

That’s it. Those are the basic steps, and if you follow them correctly you can go after an ex who’s not paying child support.

The key phrase there, though, is “if you follow them correctly.” They may seem simple, but even within the steps outlined above it can be complicated to make sure that you handle the filing the right way. That’s why it’s always wise to have an experienced Orlando family law attorney on your side.

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