Orlando Family Lawyer: How to Lower Child Support Payments

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As an Orlando family lawyer, I know it’s tough out there right now for people who have to pay child support. No one wants their children to go without, but jobs are scarce, and even people who can find work or have been able to stay employed are often asked to do more for less money.

That’s the situation I was trying to describe in the video above. You’re working and paying child support, and then for whatever reason your pay goes down. Maybe you lose your job. Or your boss cuts your salary. Or maybe you have to move from one job to the next but the pay isn’t as good. That’s when you come to me and file for Florida child support modification in the hopes that you can lower your payments.

But lower pay isn’t the only way that you can modify your child support to pay less.

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Situations That Allow You to Lower Your Child Support Payments from an Orlando Family Lawyer

Under Florida child support modification laws, there are a number of different things that qualify as a “change in circumstances” and could lower your payments. Here are some of the most common.

Daycare ends. If your child goes to daycare, you have to help foot the bill. But the second they stop going, you can apply for a modification to stop paying that extra money.

You become disabled. Not only can a disability prevent you from working and earning a decent paycheck, it can end up costing you more for medical care.

Your child stays with you more. Part of the equation of how much child support you pay is based on how much each parent is caring for the child. If your ex has them all day every day and circumstances change so that they start living with you for half the year, any good Orlando family lawyer will tell you that your payments should decrease.

Your ex’s wages increase. Most people don’t know this, but if you’re paying child support to your ex and they get a substantial raise, your payments can go down.

The important part, as mentioned above, is that you need to keep paying the regular amount until an official change is granted. Otherwise, you could get yourself in big trouble. To put yourself in the best possible position, talk to an experienced Orlando family lawyer as soon as your circumstances change and file for the modification immediately.

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