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Serious parental kidnapping charges can be brought against a parent who illegally takes his or her child out of jurisdiction, state or country in violation of the other parent’s rights. If you are in Central Florida and involved on either side of a parental kidnapping, an understanding yet assertive Orlando parental kidnapping lawyer at Kramer Law will fight on your behalf for the best possible outcome in your case.

It is important to reach a family law attorney immediately if there is even an inkling of possibility that a parent intends to relocate a child without seeking the permission of the other parent or the courts. These cases are even more complicated when a non-custodial parent hides from the other parent where he or she is relocating with the child.

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Laws in Florida have recently changed to add more protection for children who are coerced or taken against their will from the other parent. There are also international laws pertaining to the matter, including the Hague Convention and the International Child Abduction Remedies Act (ICARA).

At Kramer Law, we professionally handle all types of family law cases and specifically know the laws relating to parental kidnapping, child abduction, child custody, relocation and spousal abuse.

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State and International Child Abductions

The first action regarding an alleged kidnapping is for an attorney to petition the court that has jurisdiction in the case to order the immediate return of the child. Violating the order will hold a parent in contempt of court and likely begin a windfall of civil and/or criminal charges. If a divorce or custody case is pending, charges can inhibit the chances of a parent gaining any unsupervised custodial privileges to the child.

No parent should forcefully or illegally alter the living arrangements of a child or interfere with court proceedings. Doing so may hurt the situation more than help. A perceptive attorney with experience in family law knows this. We here to protect you and your family, to mitigate and resolve matters judiciously, to help preserve parent-child relationships whenever possible, and to litigate matters whenever necessary.

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Parental Kidnapping - Fleeing from Abuse

A parent may still be breaking the law if he or she flees with a child because of abuse, especially if the abuse claims are unsubstantiated. If abuse is a reason a parent removes the child without the other parent’s consent, the jurisdictional court may order an investigation before the child is returned to the rightful residence.

In cases where there are substantial abuse claims, a family law attorney can inform clients of all potential options that will result in the best outcome in the case.

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At Kramer Law, we will pursue charges and launch investigations simultaneously to lead to the safe and warranted return of children who are kidnapped from our area and taken worldwide. We also seek the emergency court orders that need to be in place to prevent alleged abuse.

We have the resources, compassion and drive to represent our clients effectively. Whatever your legal needs, we will be at your side every step of the way to make sure that your rights, your interests and your children are protected in and out of the courtroom.

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