Parenting Plan Violations – Do You Know Florida Laws?

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What are considered to be parenting plan violations in Florida? Describing what to do if your ex isn’t paying child support in the above video brings up other kinds of possible violations of your parenting plan that you might face.

These are things that most of us might not even think about, but it is important to be aware of them so you understand how you can take legal action if they happen. That way you remove the power from your ex and put it back in your hands.

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Examples of Common Parenting Plan Violations

Traveling without notice. It is not okay to travel with the kids in a manner that is outside of the court ordered parenting plan without discussing the trip with the other parent. You need to give the other parent proper notice and may even need to hand over an itinerary. It goes without saying that moving away with your child without the court’s approval also falls under the umbrella of parenting plan violations.

Not letting the other parent provide child care. If you are the primary caretaker for your child and you have to work, you will need to use child care. But before you start interviewing people or dialing your mother to come over, you had better contact your ex-spouse. Under Florida law, parents should be given the opportunity to take care of their children first or have a say in the decision making, so not telling your ex-spouse is a violation of your parenting plan.

Withholding visitation. These parenting plan violations are described in more detail in another post on visitation rights, but preventing your ex from seeing their child as outlined in the parenting plan is a clear violation that can get you in trouble. This is true even if you have what seem to be very good reasons for the decision, because their right to visitation is granted by the court, and you have to go through the court if you want to change it.

If you’re curious about other possible parenting plan violations or what you should do if you are dealing with one of these situations, contact an Orlando child custody lawyer today. Parenting plans either have to be followed or you have to face the consequences.

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