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Divorce is never an easy task. Fortunately, however, the State of Florida has a divorce process called “simplified dissolution of marriage” for couples who have already made most of the divorce decisions on assets and separation themselves.

Simplified divorces are intended to help couples who may not need the representation of a divorce lawyer. There are no trials or appeals in the simplified process, yet both parties must appear before a judge for the final decision. The court will dismiss an improperly filed simplified dissolution of marriage. If you need the help of an attorney for this process, TK Law can provide affordable assistance.

A divorce attorney at TK Law can evaluate the circumstances of a simplified dissolution petition so our clients can move on with their lives quickly and without any snags in the final divorce decree. We will do our research to guarantee that all assets and liabilities have been represented.

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Who Is Eligible for a Simplified Divorce?

A married couple can file for a simplified dissolution of marriage in Florida if all of the following criteria are met:

  • Both spouses agree the marriage cannot be saved
  • The couple has no minor or dependent children born from the marriage
  • The wife is not pregnant
  • There are no unresolved financial obligations (both spouses have worked out and are satisfied with the division of any assets and liabilities)
  • Neither spouse seeks alimony
  • Both spouses have filed financial affidavits with the court or waived the filing of such if both are satisfied with the financial disclosure received
  • At least one spouse has been a Florida resident for at least six months before the filing (this information must be corroborated by a witness)
  • Both spouses are willing to go to the final hearing
  • Both spouses give up their rights to a trial and appeal

If a couple does not meet the criteria for a simplified divorce, then a family law attorney at TK Law can assist with filing the proper motions for another type of divorce.

Your TK Law Divorce Attorney

No matter how simple or complex a divorce may be, our family law attorneys will do what it takes to reach the best possible resolution.

Our website provides a great deal of information about the divorce and family law process in Florida. Our goal is to educate divorcing or divorced couples so they can make informed decisions for themselves and their families. However, no information is as accurate as the advice of a good attorney regarding your unique situation.

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