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Spousal abuse is often an element of divorce and domestic violence cases throughout Florida. Domestic violence is considered any act of emotional, mental or physical abuse against a family or household member, such as a current or former spouse, current or former boyfriend or girlfriend (even if that person does not presently live with the accuser), parents of children, and others related by blood or marriage.

If you are being subjected to fear, intimidation, physical abuse or threats by your spouse, contact TK Law as soon as possible. An Orlando spousal abuse attorney can be reached for a consultation, at no cost to you, at 855-Kramer-Now (855-572-6376). We also represent clients who are wrongfully accused of domestic violence.

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We are prepared to help you take all necessary measures to keep you fully protected and informed of your legal options. Our lawyers can request an emergency protective order that requires an abuser to stay away from the victimized spouse and children.

The State of Florida takes domestic violence allegations seriously. Any domestic violence conviction results in a minimum mandatory jail time and counseling at the defendant’s own expense. Spouses convicted of abuse also face a probation period of one year. Charges range from misdemeanors to felonies that can never be expunged from a record.

Protection from Spousal Abuse

There is likely fear involved in a domestic case. If you fear taking action or have been threatened after asking for a divorce, you can reach our Orlando spousal abuse attorneys for help with gaining a Protective Order Hearing. In the hearing, both sides present their case and a protective order or domestic violence injunction may result that prevents the alleged offender from contact with you in any manner (including emails and social media).

Someone accused of domestic violence is generally not allowed to live in the same residence with the accuser, at least until the case reaches a resolution. The accused is usually allowed to retrieve belongings from the residence one time.

A prosecutor can continue to pursue domestic violence charges even when the accuser wishes to drop the case.

Wrongfully Accused of Spousal Abuse in Orlando?

It is wrongful but not uncommon for spouses going through divorce to be falsely accused of domestic violence. Such accusations can be life-altering for someone who has been unjustly accused and targeted as an abuser. False allegations are often used in order for the other spouse to get an edge on child custody matters, alimony, as a quick way to remove someone from the house, or simply for spite. In these cases, our attorneys at TK Law aggressively investigate the allegations, review any criminal or police records, and assess all evidence against the spousal abuse claim.

The TK Law team is highly experienced in defending individuals accused of violence they did not commit, and we have the experience and skill to defend you at this stressful time. If you have been unjustly accused of spousal abuse, call TK Law at 855-Kramer-Now (855-572-6376). The mere accusation of spousal abuse or domestic battery can cause considerable damage to your life and future.

Lawyers with Experience in Divorce and Family Law

Spousal abuse tears families apart. As devastating and emotional as the cases can be, never shy away from seeking help. While divorce may not always appear the answer, an attorney who is knowledgeable of divorce proceedings and family law can guide families to clear, manageable options to marriage restoration or dissolution. In cases of false accusations, our experienced civil litigation and criminal defense attorneys bring a critical set of skills to your case.

Each client deserves a resourceful, qualified lawyer fighting to protect your rights.

The families we represent at TK Law are more than just clients to us. They are people who encounter obstacles, in the same way we all do, and choose professional representation to help their families through challenges. We understand and are here for them.

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