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In all my time as an Orlando divorce lawyer, I’ve had plenty of clients ask me about alimony (mostly in terms of how to get it or avoid it), but few take the time to learn about the different kinds that exist under Florida alimony laws. They see it all as the same thing, but that’s just not the case.

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In fact, there are six different types of alimony that can be awarded, and it’s important for you to know them going into your divorce proceedings. That way you’re ready for the various possibilities and don’t get blindsided. So, what are they?

Permanent alimony. This one is pretty much what it sounds like. One spouse will pay alimony to the other until one of them dies or some other major life change happens that greatly impacts their finances. As an Orlando divorce lawyer, I can tell you that this mostly happens in long-term marriages (17 years or more) where one spouse earns more than the other. That being said, I’ve seen it awarded in shorter-term marriages as well. It really depends on what your specific situation is.

Rehabilitative alimony. Let’s say that your spouse was a doctor, but they gave up their practice to take care of the family. Under Florida alimony laws, they can present a “rehabilitation” plan to the court that details how they can get back into their profession – if you pay them alimony until their training is done.

Durational alimony. This is the newest type of Florida alimony, and as an Orlando divorce lawyer, I think it’s long overdue. Basically, one spouse won’t receive unending support from the other, but there’s also no need to submit a rehabilitation plan. Instead, there is simply an agreed-upon amount of time where one spouse will get alimony. When it’s over, it’s over.

Bridge-the-gap alimony. A type of durational alimony with a set time-frame, bridge-the-gap alimony is meant to ease the transition back into single life, and it can’t last more than two years.

Temporary alimony. An even more specific type of durational alimony under the alimony laws, those who are awarded this will only have their finances covered from the moment the dissolution of marriage is filed and continue until the Final Judgment of Dissolution of Marriage is entered.

Lump sum alimony. The simplest way to describe this form of alimony is that it involves a large, one-time payment rather than ongoing assistance. Often, an Orlando divorce lawyer will use it as a way to set off certain kinds of assets (for example, one person gets the car, and the other is awarded $20,000).

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