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Stepparent adoption happens when a stepparent takes the appropriate steps to become the legal parent of a child, enabling that stepparent to take over all legal responsibility for the child’s welfare. An Orlando stepparent adoption lawyer at Kramer Law help families walk through the legal process of adopting a stepchild or stepchildren.

For a stepparent to have the legal rights of a birth parent, the family must proceed with the adoption process. In a step-parent adoption, generally two scenarios are present, and either one must be fulfilled:

  1. The birth parent must consent to the adoption, giving up his or her parental rights to that stepparent
  2. The court terminates a natural parent’s parental rights due to abuse, abandonment or neglect

Without legal adoption, Orlando’s courts are not obligated to grant any parental rights whatsoever to the non-birth parent. For example, when a custodial parent dies, is incarcerated or faces some other circumstance that incapacitates his or her ability to be an effective parent, the court awards child custody rights and decision-making authority to the surviving biological parent, next of kin, or even the State of Florida.

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The Florida Step-Parent Adoption Process

A noncustodial parent must “give up” or otherwise forfeit his or her parental rights before a stepparent is legally able to adopt the child or children. The stepparent and his or her spouse begin this process by working with an attorney to either:

  • Obtain written (preferably notarized) consent from the biological parent that forfeits his or her rights, or
  • File a petition with the court and properly notify the biological parent and all other interested parties (i.e., grandparents with visitation rights) of the petition and future adoption hearing.

Kramer Law is experienced in both willing and contested parental right forfeitures. When a biological parent is willing to give up his or her rights and to stop paying child support, we present the evidence to the court and wait (generally only a few months) for a resolution to the case.

When a stepparent adoption is contested because the biological parent refuses to give up parental rights, the attorney representing the stepparent must produce evidence to the court that that shows why the adoption should be considered. Information a court considers in its determination of the case may involve whether the opposing birth-parent:

  • in any way deserted or abandoned the child before,
  • is mentally incompetent to parent the child in some way, or
  • was abusive to the child or children or been found criminally liable in an offense that prevents his or her access to children

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Orlando Adoption Attorneys with Extensive Experience

A qualified lawyer with years in a family law practice should only add a greater sense of family and security to your stepparent adoption case. At Kramer Law, we offer friendly, understanding services to families in several family law matters, and we respect the uniqueness of each case without applying a “one size fits all” legal process.

Kramer Law attorneys work with our clients until the absolute conclusion of the case. We are also versed to practice several other areas of law that may or may not intertwine with what is currently happening in your family. We are certainly your “attorneys for life.”

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