Divorce Costs: Why Everyone Should Talk About a Prenup

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The logic says that if you’re worried about divorce costs – alimony, asset division, and so on – you should look into getting a prenup. As a family law and divorce lawyer in Orlando, I wholeheartedly agree with this belief. It may not seem very romantic, but in a society where the divorce rate is hovering at around 50 percent, it is definitely smart and practical in many situations.

And while most people don’t think about it this way, talking about a prenup can actually be quite practical in another way – starting your marriage off with a clear understanding of your finances.

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Divorce Costs, but So Does Silence

Many couples do not discuss financial issues before they get married. They are in love, the relationship is new and exciting, and they either don’t think about financial troubles at all, or they believe problems will work themselves out. That might happen. But staying silent on your money situation can lead to issues in the future.

How Considering a Prenup Can Minimize Divorce Costs

One way to make sure that you are both openly talking about your finances is to discuss a prenup with a lawyer. It doesn’t mean that you actually have to go through with it, but the conversations you will be having about money – what you have, what you don’t, how you plan on using your money and assets and investing in the future – are things that every couple should know about each other. If there are hard discussions to be had about money, it is much better to have them now than after you walk down the aisle.

In fact, staying quiet about financial woes may even hurt a marriage to the point that facing divorce costs becomes a reality. Just like a good marriage counselor, an experienced divorce lawyer in Orlando will tell you that the couples that stay together longer and have an easier time of it are the ones who are up front with each other. So the next time you worry about talking finances with your significant other, think about a prenup – because one of the biggest divorce costs is losing the one you love due to mistrust or duplicity.

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