Temporary Relief in Divorce Cases

Mediation may not solve every short-term divorce matter presented while both parties determine what is best for themselves and their family in the long run. Florida law allows for temporary relief orders (also called “pedente lite” orders) in such instances until a complete resolution or trial.

A temporary relief order can cover a range of custodial and financial issues prior to the finalization of a divorce. For example, the custodial parent may be threatening to relocate or refuse the other parent access to the child or children, or the income earner may be refusing to continue to pay the other spouse’s living expenses during the divorce process.

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Types of Temporary Relief

Alimony and Child Support

A financially disadvantaged spouse may seek temporary alimony (spousal support) in order to cover everyday expenses such as mortgage, rent, utility bills, and food costs. If awarded, temporary alimony will cease upon resolution of the case. A court may also order child support based on Florida’s child support guidelines in addition to covering child care expenses and health insurance. The court may also implement a temporary time-sharing plan as well as an order regarding the removal of minor children.

While a child support order considers the best interests of the child, temporary alimony payments cannot exceed or exhaust income.

Attorney’s Fees

A Florida court may order a party to advance interim attorney’s fees in cases where there could be a substantial difference in each spouse’s ability to afford legal representation.

Exclusive Use and Possession of the Residence / Mortgage Payment Advances

In addition to a temporary alimony order that requires the paying spouse to pay the recipient’s mortgage or rent, a Florida court may order temporary exclusive use of the family residence to one spouse. This arrangement occurs often in an effort to maintain or provide increased stability when a child or children are involved. Any advances or current payments the paying spouse makes toward the mortgage can be considered during equitable distribution of property.

Use/Control of Assets/Funds and Freezing

A Florida court may order temporary use of funds that might have been used by both spouses in the marriage. If either party suspects any common assets are being hidden during the divorce proceeding, then the court may order certain financial accounts frozen in order to preserve the property common to the marriage. Such accounts include certain bank, IRA, and pension accounts.

Injunction against Domestic Violence

A court can approve a temporary injunction against domestic violence to protect either party from harassment or abuse toward a spouse or the child or children.

Help with Temporary Relief in Divorce

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