Temporary Relief - More Than Just Money In Orlando Divorce

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When someone talks about temporary relief to an Orlando divorce lawyer, often they do so because they’re worried about money, like the person whose question I answered in the above video. They want to know how they’re going to be able to make their house payment and car payment or how they’ll pay their credit card bill and buy food and clothes for their kids, while the divorce process is ongoing.

These are incredibly valid concerns and if you have them then you should absolutely speak with your attorney about temporary financial relief. However, this isn’t the only thing that temporary relief can help you with and it’s important to understand the other way that this tool can be used: creating a shared parenting plan.

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The Non-Monetary Benefit of Temporary Relief in Florida Divorce

If you have children and you’re in the middle of a contentious divorce, you may have already discovered what a struggle it is to figure out who’s getting the kids, when they’re getting them, and for how long. Do you get to go to soccer games or your spouse? Who’s picking them up from school? What about holidays? You may find yourselves fighting over everything and putting your kids in the middle.

You need a shared parenting plan, and temporary relief can help. Under Florida law, you and your spouse are required to create a post-divorce parenting plan that describes how both of you will play a role in raising your children; however, this can drag on for months and months, and won’t be final until the divorce proceedings are complete.

By requesting temporary relief, you can set up a parenting plan immediately that will be governed by a court order. That means fewer power plays and less fighting over the kids. And if one of you breaks the rules of the plan, the court will step in to help.

Temporary Relief Can Help Your Kids, Says Orlando Divorce Lawyer

The biggest beneficiaries of this type of relief are the children, who won’t have to suffer the fate of being used as pawns in their parents’ battle with each other. Don’t wait and just hope for the best. Even when couples think their divorce is going to be civil, things can go awry. Protect your kids by contacting our law firm and talking to an Orlando divorce lawyer about temporary relief today.

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