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An uncontested divorce is simple in theory. Basically, both spouses in a divorce come to an agreement on how to individually address several family matters that were previously handled together. The terms are then put into a written marital settlement agreement (MSA) formulated by the couple, versus leaving major personal and financial decisions up to the courts.

However, because a divorce begins as an uncontested proceeding does not mean that an attorney is not necessary to reach a final decree. In fact, an uncontested case may be all the more reason for the guidance of a capable and concerned divorce attorney to ensure fair treatment. Divorces that might initially begin without disputes may ultimately result in strong disagreements on specific issues.

Let a Kramer Law attorney outline the Florida laws that best apply to your divorce, including how to establish the time you spend with your child, child support, spousal support, property issues, and other critical matters under Florida’s guidelines.

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If Both Parties Agree, Why Do You Need a Lawyer?

A properly written judgment of divorce must be worded with great care to include and address all foreseeable concerns. Several innocent mistakes can happen in uncontested cases without the guidance of an experienced attorney.

These mistakes, especially relating to unrealistic child support or alimony agreements, could delay the time it takes for a divorce to become final. They could also add unnecessary stress to an already unnerving situation.

An uncontested divorce can generally be completed in less than two months with an experienced Kramer Law attorney helping you reach a marital settlement agreement. Factors considered in divorce include:

  • Child Support
  • Time-sharing (Child custody and visitation)
  • Alimony (Spousal Support)
  • Asset and property distribution
  • Debt division
  • Family business interests

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Divorce is never easy, but a divorce where both parties work together is not as difficult as a contested divorce. With the help of a Kramer Law attorney, the process will be as seamless as possible so that you and your child or children can move on with the same quality of life.

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