Make a Valid Prenuptial Agreement that Can Withstand Orlando Divorce

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Issues arise often during Orlando divorce proceedings that question whether a valid prenuptial agreement (or “prenup”) is legit. As with any legal document, a prenup can be challenged.

A prenup’s purpose is to legally control before marriage how you will split assets and debts (and most anything else a judge would otherwise divide) if you divorce or if one spouse dies. Yet even when both parties initially agree to and legally file a prenup, controversy may emerge down the road. Concerns include whether one spouse was coerced to sign the prenup, a spouse did not release all of his or her financial information, or if the prenup is illogical or “overreaching” in the first place.

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Contact the family law attorneys at Kramer Law in Orlando to draft a valid prenuptial agreement that we assure you will hold up in any court and withstand the challenges of divorce. We sit down with our clients to go over each concern. We even offer a free, no-obligation consultation to speak with you before you decide if we are the law firm for you. Reach us quickly and conveniently by calling 1-855-Kramer Now (1-855-572-6376).

Full Disclosure

Both parties to a marriage are required to fully disclose all of their property or financial obligations as part of a prenup agreement. If, after marriage, there is evidence that shows that all information was not released, then a judge can void the agreement. Kramer Law is by no means new to the disclosure process. We work with you to fully acknowledge every financial matter a judge considers in a prenup.

Other Ways to a Secure Prenup

At Kramer Law, our experienced attorneys know what methods to take to keep the other spouse from pulling any unfair or unnecessary punches if the marriage is not successful. We may video an agreement in addition to filing legal documents and recording statements so that a spouse will not claim he or she was threatened to sign.

Also, as a courtesy to you, we opt not to represent both you and your spouse so the argument will not be made that one person was not properly represented.

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Contact Kramer Law for any of your legal premarital, divorce or post-marital issues. We are waiting for your call. Kramer Law is a full-service law firm in Orlando, for all legal matters you experience throughout a lifetime.

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