Attorney for Valuation of Marital Assets in Orlando

When your financial resources are at stake, a divorce attorney knowledgeable of Florida law knows how to assess what is fair, even when it means our client is entitled to more or less than what is considered half of all the marital property. An insightful divorce attorney at TK Law strategically works in our client’s favor for valuation of marital assets in Orlando.

The State of Florida requires equitable distribution of marital assets, which generally boils down to a judge deciding – or both spouses agreeing – on what deserves to be split and what does not. Marital assets subject to distribution are usually considered any asset incurred during marriage up to around the date divorce or separation papers are filed. But there are exceptions.

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With the right attorney, a spouse can strategically protects assets coming into the marriage as well as certain properties acquired during the marriage. The duration of the marriage or evidence that one spouse contributes or has contributed more to the union than the other may be considered in determining equitable distribution.

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Marital Property Valuation Dates

Florida law determines the cut-off date in marital property division in the following ways:

  • the earliest date the parties enter into a valid separation agreement
  • an explicitly different date upon which the spouses agree, or
  • the date a petition for divorce is filed.

The law gives judges some room in determining the date to value assets and liabilities. A judge even has the right to administer different dates.

Some factors considered to determine the date and which property is considered to be marital or nonmarital include:

  • When the asset was acquired (whether before or during the marriage)
  • Whether anything is specifically established as a nonmarital asset or liability
  • If any prenuptial or postnuptial agreement clearly states certain property to be marital or nonmarital

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Trusted Orlando Attorneys for Simplified and High Asset Divorce

With TK Law, our clients have access to a professional firm with experience to handle even the most complex, high asset divorce cases involving businesses, property and pensions. Still, our staff is central and small enough to offer personable, compassionate legal guidance in even the simplest divorce proceedings.

We uncover any pertinent evidence regarding the valuation of marital assets. We employ financial experts at the top of their fields when necessary to evaluate all assets to which our clients are entitled, and to help structure an agreement that meets each party’s financial goals appropriately. Our firm can also connect our client with accountants and financial planners to help them best preserve or invest wealth.

Get in touch with TK Law’s services today if you need a lawyer who will walk with you from the onset of the divorce to the conclusion, whether in mediation or a in front of a judge. Your one firm for life, our Orlando attorneys are able to provide you with a full range of services to meet whatever legal needs you have.

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