Florida Visitation Refusal: What If My Ex Won’t Let Me See My Child?

Visitation refusal is any form of interference of a timesharing or parenting plan by a spouse. If your Ex does not cooperate with a court ordered child custody or visitation arrangement, what should you do?

Refusal of visitation is a frustrating family law situation. Many forms of visitation interference may be subtle, such as when a parent or guardian often “forgets” to comply with a scheduled custodial exchange, or a spouse is habitually late in returning the children to the other parent.

Other times, the denial of visitation is obvious, sometimes to the point of blatant intent where a parent utterly refuses to comply. Extreme examples can include parental kidnapping or a contested relocation with a child.

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There also are cases when a parent has the legal right to refuse the visitation.

Know your rights!

A divorce attorney at Kramer Law in Orlando can help you understand whether you have the right to see your child, the right to withhold visitation from your spouse, or to proceed with legal action against a spouse who refuses visitation.

Consult with a child custody lawyer who has handled many such cases.

What Are Your Legal Rights Regarding Visitation Refusal?

Florida laws refer to child custody and visitation in terms of timesharing which is governed by a shared parenting plan. These are court orders, binding on the divorced parties.

When one parent refuses visitation to the other parent during the allotted time scheduled in the timesharing plan, it becomes a violation of the court order. Legal remedies are available to enforce visitation.

Kramer Law can help you pursue a contempt action. A parent who does not abide by the court ordered parenting plan can be held in contempt for violating a child custody agreement.

Depending on the facts of your case, we can assist you in modifying your current legal timesharing plan. Any changes to an existing plan for shared parenting must be approved through a court order.

When Unmarried Fathers Are Denied Visitation

If you are an unmarried father of a child, in order for you to be able to claim parenting time, you must first establish paternity of the child.

Once paternity is established and legal fatherhood is validated, a father’s rights of shared parenting may be enacted and protected.

A family law attorney at Kramer Law can help you in all matters of establishing paternity and fighting for your rights as a father.

Skilled legal counsel is the best solution to a visitation agreement problem.

Seek legal advice sooner rather than later. When a parent engages in planned or divisive denial of visitation, allowing such action to continue may only create an unacceptable status quo.

Both mothers and fathers have important legal rights regarding timesharing. The welfare of children in divorce is paramount, and the best interest of the child is at the heart of all parenting plans.

The divorce attorneys at Kramer Law help parents find workable solutions to the most complex issues of visitation. In cases of inappropriate visitation refusal, we are able to petition the court to enforce timesharing as well as other areas of your parenting plan or divorce settlement.

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