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Recording the above video made me realize that, in terms of “child custody” in Florida, the sacredness of visitation rights was just as important as the kidnapping. It wasn’t just that the husband abducted the child, it was that he was preventing the mother from seeing her. As any good Orlando family law attorney will tell you, denial of a visitation (time sharing) rights is a breach of a court ordered parenting plan.

Why am I telling you this? Because while I believe that the above situation is extreme and rare, some people do consider preventing their ex from seeing their child for a variety of reasons, and it’s important for everyone to know why that’s a bad idea.

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Withholding Visitation Rights Brings Serious Consequences

It is unfortunate that a parent might ever contemplate keeping their ex away from their child if there’s not something like abuse going on. Yet a parent who is forced to deal with a frustrating ex-spouse may deny visitation as a way to address other problems. What if your ex is teaching your child bad things about you, in an effort to destroy your relationship with them? Or deliberately lets the children do everything you’ve both agreed should be forbidden? What if they simply stop paying child support?

When you start to look at the reasons, it’s easier to see why someone might want to withhold visitation as a motivator, but that’s a bad, bad move. Withholding visitation rights is in violation of the parenting plan, and brings serious legal consequences, such as:

  • Footing the bill for your ex’s legal costs if they decide to fight your action in court.
  • Being forced to do community service
  • Having to take a parenting course
  • Having the parenting plan altered
  • Giving extra time to your ex to make up for the time you stole
  • Any other punitive action the judge believes is justified

Visitation Rights Are Not Yours to Take Away

As an Orlando family law attorney, I often see clients who desire to gain some control over the parenting plan if their ex is violating parts of it. If you are struggling with this scenario, acting on your own is the worst thing you can do. Since the court signed off on the current parenting plan – including the time-sharing schedule – it has to be the court that changes it. Work within the law and you’ll be able to make sure your ex gets the visitation rights they deserve without causing yourself further problems.

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