We Divorced When My Son was Younger, but Now I’d Like to Spend More Time With Him

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My son is now ten years old. We got divorced when he was younger. I now want to spend more time with my child. What do I do, and how do I accomplish that? I’m Steve Kramer. I am a Florida Family Law attorney. Now, if you got divorced when your child was younger, there are a couple of things at play here. One is, the law has changed, alright? Before 2008, there wasn’t exactly the presumption that a 50-50 time-sharing was the way that things should be. And after 2008, that is the presumption: that time-sharing should be 50-50. And the other thing that probably was at play was that your child was a lot younger, and maybe that was taken into consideration in dividing the time. You know, if your child was a baby or breastfeeding, that had to have affected the divorce. And now that your child is older, that is what we call a substantial change in circumstances. And when you have a substantial change in circumstances, what you do is you go into court, and you file what is called a modification. What we are trying to do here is modify visitation so you can spend more time with your child. And so you can take advantage of the new laws and have more time with your child. And the courts want you to have time with your child. They want fathers and mothers to have time with children, and that is why we look at things as a 50-50 split. That’s where we start now. So the key is, get an attorney, get in there, file a modification. You may need to bring in some experts. You may need to bring in a psychiatrist or a psychologist or a counselor or somebody to talk about how this is in the best interest of your child. And we need to get into the court and explain how things have changed. And then, we’ll get you a new time-sharing schedule. And we’ll get you set up on what is called a parenting plan. Which is another change that may have happened since you got divorced before 2008. And a parenting plan really governs how you and your wife or your husband raise a child. Right, it covers – and it can be simple. It can cover very little because you guys get along very well, or it can be very detailed. And the key is crafting one that works for both of you. So, I’m telling you this because I have handled many, many modifications, and I want to see your modification done right. And if you want to sit down together and figure out how we can get more time between you and your child, call me. Pick up the phone. I’d be glad to talk to you. I’m Steve Kramer. Thanks for watching.

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