Do DIY Legal Sites Really Save Money in Orlando Foreclosure Cases?

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For most homeowners facing Orlando foreclosure, the question isn’t “Should I use DIY legal sites?” but rather “How much money will it save me to use these sites instead of a lawyer?”

After all, most people don’t want to handle the drudgery of legal paperwork on their own. They decide that it is a fair tradeoff because they want to avoid big attorney fees and they think DIY legal sites are the way to do that. All things being equal, though, it is probably fair to say that most people would probably prefer to go to a foreclosure defense attorney – they’re just scared about the perceived cost.

The truth is that for what most people need, DIY legal sites don’t really save you that much.

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With DIY Legal Sites, Stopping Orlando Foreclosure May Cost More

First things first – coming to our law firm to draw up a specific document regarding foreclosure on your house will cost you more than getting a template of that same document from a legal site. That is 100 percent true.

The sites may save you some money, but are they really saving you a trip to a lawyer? Defending foreclosure and finding workable alternatives to foreclosure are about much more than document preparation. Working through foreclosure problems requires full knowledge of the laws, and the experience to know how seize opportunities and apply the law.

What you’re going to get for that extra money spent with a lawyer vs. DIY legal sites is twofold:

  • First, you’ll be able to speak with a legal expert about the variety of foreclosure defense options and alternatives to foreclosure that are open to you and in accordance with Florida law. That is something only an experienced foreclosure attorney is going to be able to tell you after looking at your entire foreclosure case. The attorney explains your options, and works out a strategy with you that meets your goals.
  • Second, the attorney will act on the strategy, including drafting formal documents with the necessary language specific to your situation, which is a far cry from a template in the hands of a non-professional.

Orlando Foreclosure: Save a Little, Pay a Lot with DIY Legal Sites

Beyond this, as the video above mentions, a large portion of our work comes from fixing the legal mistakes that people made because they tried to save money with DIY legal sites.

That means that you have to pay these sites for something that isn’t even right, and then pay our law firm again for the same job – which may take longer and cost more because we have to fix the mistake. If you are dealing with an Orlando foreclosure, those are very real risks you cannot afford to have.

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