Foreclosure Lawyers: Benefits of Fighting Back

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Back To Foreclosure Defense Video Help Page

It probably doesn’t surprise you that foreclosure lawyers would tell you that it’s important to mount a foreclosure defense and not just walk away and give up your home. That’s why I wanted to flesh out a few of the potential benefits that I mentioned in passing in the above video and further clarify why fighting really is in your best interest.

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You can negotiate. Even though there are certain benefits for the bank in foreclosing on your home, not every lender craves this outcome. If, instead of simply giving up and walking away the second you get that foreclosure notice, you file a response and try to work with the bank, you might discover that they’re willing to work out a deal you can manage. As foreclosure lawyers, we see this in lots of cases where clients thought there was no hope.

Time is money. Just by filing a response to the foreclosure, you are buying yourself time. Time that will allow you to mount a good defense, if that’s what you want, or just time to stay in your home for longer. And while the case is ongoing, you won’t need to pay to stay there. That’s money you can use to work out what your future living arrangements are going to be.

Circumstances can change. Maybe you’re struggling to pay your mortgage right now because you lost your job. Well, walking away gains you nothing, but if you fight back and buy yourself time, it’s quite possible that you’ll find work that helps you to stay in the house.

The point is, there are a lot of great things that you may be able to get out of mounting a foreclosure defense. Decide to go the other route, though, and you’re giving up any possible leverage that you might have had to turn circumstances in your favor. Don’t make this decision on a whim; talk to knowledgeable Florida foreclosure lawyers and see what your options are.

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