Florida Mortgage Foreclosure: Served by Mail

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Usually, people aren’t notified of a Florida mortgage foreclosure through the mail. As I discuss in the video, being served typically involves having a person come to your door and serving you the summons in person.

It’s a common and accepted part of the mortgage foreclosure process, and something you’ve likely seen in all kinds of movies and TV shows for a variety of legal cases. In fact, the server doesn’t necessarily have to come to your home but can find you at work or other places you’re known to frequent, which is why you have so many clever movie scenes with servers pretending to be someone they’re not to get the person being served to take the paperwork from them.

Often banks will send out paperwork that makes people think they’ve been served but isn’t an official service. Still, that doesn’t mean that you can’t be served by mail. It can and does happen, so you have to be wary.

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How Does Getting Served by Mail Work in Florida Mortgage Foreclosure?

Mail service in the mortgage foreclosure process is a last resort. The bank should attempt to summon you in person first, and only when servers say that they have been unable to do this should the bank turn to mail service.

Why is this important? Because, as mentioned in the video, servers don’t always tell the truth. What’s to stop someone from saying they came to your home or place of business and you just weren’t there? If this happens to you, it’s important to tell your attorney immediately because you have a right to be served in person.

Know Your Rights in Florida Mortgage Foreclosure

Just because you’ve missed a few payments doesn’t mean that you can have your rights taken away from you or that you should be treated differently. If you believe that you’ve been served a lawsuit through the mail improperly, find a lawyer immediately and talk to them about it. In a Florida mortgage foreclosure case, you need all the ammunition you can get to fight the other side.

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