Orlando Appeals Attorney Explains Foreclosure Defense

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As you watch the video above, we explain why we rarely reject foreclosure cases. TK Law was one of the few firms that defended foreclosure in Central Florida prior to the housing crisis. For the first couple of years following the housing crash, most lawyers in town would refer foreclosure cases to our firm. We have defended thousands of homeowners facing foreclosure, and have seen every type of case one can imagine.

We mention in the video that we do appeals. Not all lawyers will handle appeals, as this practice require extensive research, and deep knowledge of past precedent and existing cases in order to set “grounds for appeal.” Due to our experience in foreclosure, TK Law has an established record of difficult foreclosure appeals.

Why is this important? Because an attorney’s willingness and ability to appeal a foreclosure ruling can be the ultimate victory in a foreclosure case. A homeowner has the right to appeal the decision to a higher court, which is a mechanism to “undo” a finalized foreclosure.

Foreclosure defense with an appeals attorney ensures that you have qualified legal counsel from the start.

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Why You Need an Appellate Law Firm in Foreclosure Defense

If a judgment is entered against you, you may then file an appeal. Most homeowners are able to continue residing in their home during the appeal. Homeowners seeking a loan modification or short sale are often able to pursue these options during an appeal as well.

Given that appeals often take 9-18 months to complete, this is valuable time for homeowners to not only defend their cases, but also explore other options.

This extended time also makes the foreclosure process more difficult and costly for your lender, adding leverage for homeowners seeking to negotiate a resolution to the foreclosure. The Court may also order the parties to another mediation during an appeal.

Work With a Skilled Orlando Appeals Attorney

Finally, an appeal is only worthwhile if you have actively defended your foreclosure case. An appeal is not an opportunity to raise new issues, but a time to challenge preserved, solid legal issues at trial. At TK Law, each foreclosure defense case we pursue is prepared and brought with appellate court in mind.

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