Know About Foreclosure Scams in Florida

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Our video describes three important facts you need to know about foreclosure, including how to avoid owing money at the end of your foreclosure, and ways we can defend a foreclosure and do so without filing a bankruptcy.

There is still another vital point to know about foreclosure, and it is this: Beware of foreclosure scams in Florida, and do not fall prey to them. Whether or not you decide to work with TK Law to assist you with the foreclosure process, do make it a point to work with a qualified foreclosure defense lawyer.

As prevalent as foreclosure has become, hundreds of loan modification scams and “foreclosure rescuers” exist in Orlando and throughout Florida. Posing as “foreclosure services” and “mortgage consultants,” these are individuals that prey on vulnerable homeowners, promising to save their home and ensuring financial security.

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What Are Foreclosure Scams?

Foreclosures are a matter of public record. Scam artists comb through public foreclosure notices and contact distressed homeowners in person, over the Internet, by phone or mail with urgent appeals guaranteeing a fresh start.

Many companies that offer to help save your home or modify your mortgage are not attorneys and are unlicensed or unregistered in the State of Florida. Their game is to collect upfront fees before providing services. They coax the homeowner to make their mortgage payments directly to the scam artists personally (or to their “company”) instead of to the mortgage lender. The scam operators may also induce the homeowner to transfer the property deed or title over to them.

Falling prey to such a service has caused the financial destruction of many underwater property owners. It is critical that any service you hire to help you with foreclosure is a properly licensed law firm. Never fall for guarantees of results. Finally, be aware that due to predatory lending practices, any company offering loan modification services are legally banned from charging upfront fees unless they are a licensed law firm.

Our Orlando foreclosure defense lawyers have represented many individuals that were the victims of foreclosure rescue scams by such “modification” companies. Allow us to answer your questions, protect you from scams, and help you find the best long-term solution.

In addition, the Florida Attorney General’s website has a great deal of information and consumer alerts regarding foreclosure scams.

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