How We Structure our Fees and Why

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Hi. I am Steve Kramer of the Kramer Law Firm. I am a Florida foreclosure defense attorney. And today we are going to be talking about how we structure our fees and why. Now what you need to know is that there are a couple of different ways of paying fees in any case. One is hourly, that’s where the attorney does the work, they bill you for every phone call, every email, every whatever and they charge you by the hour and you pay that bill. The other way that attorneys do it and some attorneys especially in foreclosure cases are doing this - they charge an upfront flat fee meaning that is the only fee you ever pay them. Now, the issue that most people have with hourly fees is that is unpredictable you don’t know if it’s going to costs you a thousand dollars or ten thousand dollars because it all depends on how much time is involved. How many hours get billed? The problem with the flat fee upfront that there is a disincentive to it; meaning the attorney wants to make the max profit and the incentive is to do the bare minimum work to get by because they have already got paid. That’s why we have another option, and that’s the option of a flat monthly fee. And what’s good about this is that most people in foreclosure want time. They want time to either work out something with the bank so they can keep their house, they want time so they can just live in their house, or they want enough time to get out of the property without owing money. What’s good about this is, when you pay an attorney on a flat monthly fee they are incentivized to keep your house available to you for as long as possible. Because the longer the case goes the more they get paid. And that's when the incentives are in the right place. Now if our incentives line up and what you want is time, then this is the right thing for you. If not, the good thing is we can charge you on a different method, we can charge you an hourly fee if that's what you want. But most people really benefit from affordable fee that’s monthly, that’s predictable, that's budget friendly, that you can see a clear value. Because you are going to pay us a lot a lot less, less than your mortgage costs, you are going to pay us a lot less than you’d probably pay for a studio apartment monthly. And the good thing here is, it’s very budget friendly. We'll do other fee methods with if you want and I would be glad to talk that out with, but we like the monthly fee because it is good for everybody. Why am I telling you this? Because if you are facing foreclosure, you are probably having budget issues. You’re probably in a tight financial position and I want you to know we can help you, we can work with you. Call me at the number below I am glad to talk with you. Also if you are watching this video on YouTube or on Facebook click the “Like” button, this way your friends and family can benefit from the information I am giving you. Thanks for watching. Give me a call you have any questions. I'm Steve Kramer, the Kramer Law Firm.

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