Is Your Foreclosure Lawyer Worth the Legal Fees?

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The video above explains how foreclosure lawyer legal fees are structured. Most foreclosure firms charge an upfront flat fee, while other firms have a fee structure based on an hourly rate. TK Law also offers a third option that benefits the client, which is a flat, monthly fee.

Monthly fees are client centered because they are predictable and affordable; plus, this structure actually works to motivate the lawyer to keep the homeowner in their home for as long as possible.

In reality, when facing foreclosure, your toughest challenge is not paying the foreclosure lawyer legal fees; it is finding a lawyer who can press your claim successfully.

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How to select the foreclosure lawyer you want.

When you buy a pair of shoes, you know exactly what you are getting. When you buy an attorney’s services, you start out with only a few vague assurances. The person who hires a lawyer he does not trust, or is suspicious of, is certainly not making the best use of his money.

How can you know you are getting your money’s worth?

To begin, it is up to the client to establish his or her comfort level of trust and confidence in the lawyer to be hired for the task.

Ask the attorney direct questions.

How long has he or she been representing clients in foreclosure?

What percentage of their practice is dedicated to defending foreclosures, or helping clients successfully reach alternatives to foreclosure such as mortgage modification or loan workouts, short sales or deeds in lieu, or renegotiation of a second mortgage?

Is the lawyer sophisticated in assisting clients with serious debt problems? Do they work diligently with clients to find debt relief solutions so they can really manage their debt and get on a secure financial track once more?

After the trust factor is settled, the other sure way to get your money's worth out of your attorney is to tell him honestly and completely all the facts of your case. Hold nothing back. A seemingly trivial detail may be pivotal to your case.

Reasonable legal fees paid to a good foreclosure lawyer will substantially benefit you.

For clients who succeed in defending the foreclosure or avoiding foreclosure via alternative measures, the benefit of retaining a highly experienced foreclosure law firm is clear.

Sometimes the client is not able to keep the home. Even in this situation, proficient legal counsel will protect your rights with solutions much more favorable that foreclosure, as well as protecting you from the liability associated with foreclosure, and keeping you clear of risks and scams.

An attorney’s stock in trade is his or her good name. TK Law attorneys know foreclosure law and teach other lawyers the law.

Visitors reading this may also benefit from our video explaining how to get a foreclosure lawyer when you cannot afford one.

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