Why a Motion for Mediation in Orlando Foreclosure is a Good Thing

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If you watched the video above, then you know that mediation is actually required in a lot of Orlando foreclosure cases. This is a good thing, and if for some reason it’s not required in your case, you should talk to your foreclosure attorney about filing a motion for mediation to make it happen.

Why do you want mediation? Well, we mention a lot of good reasons in the video above about how it can help you in talking to your lender and put another hurdle in front of them getting a decision on the case, but ultimately there’s one big reason that should make sense to everybody: going through foreclosure mediation buys you more time.

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Filing a Motion for Mediation Provides Valuable Time in Your Orlando Foreclosure Case

Not only is foreclosure mediation is yet another thing that the bank has to go through before they can get a decision on your case; mediation is something that forces them to spend extra time and money on you. This is good in a number of ways.

By forcing the bank into this position, you are encouraging them to make you a better deal so that they can simply be done with it. You may be able to lower your payments, get them to write off debt, or more. But even if they remain obstinate in mediation, the extra time is good for you because it means you have opportunity for things like:

  • Getting a job that can help you pay your mortgage
  • Uncovering problems in the way the bank handled your foreclosure case
  • Staying in your home longer

That is why any foreclosure attorney who knows what he or she is talking about will always recommend that you file a motion for mediation. In Orlando foreclosure, the best asset a homeowner can have on their side is time.

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