How Appeals Help Stop Home Foreclosure in Florida

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The video above explains that another way to stop home foreclosure is by filing an appeal. When you are successful on appeal, you not only stop foreclosure on your home, but your case sets a legal precedent that will make a difference for many others whose homes have been foreclosed on.

Now, that sounds worthwhile and noble, but how does it work in reality? In order to show you, I wanted to talk a little bit about a specific case in Florida from a few years ago that made a lot of difference across the state.

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One Appeal Can Stop Home Foreclosure for Thousands

This case involves two homeowners – Gary and Anita Glarum – whose lender was trying to foreclose on their home. The case had been going on since 2008, and in 2010 there was even a decision against the Glarums, who were said to owe their lenders over $400,000. But they wanted to stop home foreclosure, save their property and fight for what they believed was right, so they decided to appeal.

In September of 2011, with the help of their foreclosure defense attorney, they were rewarded for their efforts when a judge ruled that the amount the Glarums were said to owe was based on hearsay. Why? Because the bank employee had no personal knowledge of the case – he simply looked at documentation that was in their computers and signed off on the amount listed there. According to the judge, that just wasn’t good enough.

Because of that decision, the Glarums were allowed to stay in their home, and the bank couldn’t have a foreclosure sale without going to trial or getting a summary judgment. Which is great news for them, but it goes way beyond that.

This one decision in this one case called into question foreclosures all across Florida, because the procedure that the Glarums' bank followed was being used across the board. A single foreclosure defense attorney and his or her clients were able to stop home foreclosure (or at least slow it down) for all kinds of honest homeowners.

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