How to Defeat a Non-Compete Agreement – Orlando IP Lawyer Explains

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How to Defeat a Non-Compete Agreement - Orlando IP Lawyer Explains

Non-competition (non-compete) and non-solicitation agreements are legal documents designed to protect legitimate business interests from illegal competition. As hard as it appears, in many circumstances it is possible to defeat a non-compete agreement.

Sometimes referred to as a covenant not to compete, these agreements may appear justified and unquestionable. Other times, they contain at least one error in reasonableness, legitimacy or employer action that nullifies the entire contract.

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A detailed and effective lawyer knows how to work with employers and employees to either draft a valid non-compete agreement or pick through a faulty agreement to find weaknesses. The Orlando intellectual property attorneys at TK Law can assist with any questions you have on how to beat an existing non-compete agreement. [Link to IP Law landing pg.]

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Strategy to Defeat Non-Compete Agreements under Florida Law

Florida statutes 542.333 and 543.335 specifically address some issues arising from non-competition agreements. Based on the laws, we tend to find the following faults within these business contracts and the businesses they involve:

  • Illegal or questionable business activity. If a business is involved in questionable business activity, a court can decide to eliminate any agreements that tie you to non-competition with that company. Illegal activity involves matters like tax fraud or violation of the employer’s own non-compete agreement with a prior company.
  • Unreasonable times, areas or lines of business. Some non-compete agreements are too extreme to be enforceable. For instance, if the agreement says a current or former employee cannot compete with the employer for 50 years or even three years, a judge may find this unreasonable. The area of coverage and the line of business must also be specific and reasonable under Florida law. If a business only provides service in the Orange County area, a non-compete agreement may be invalid if it restricts a current or former employee from doing business in another part of the state.
  • Illegitimate business interests. Trade secrets, pivotal customers, specialized training and other confidential business details are considered legitimate business interests worth protecting. A court will use information in the non-compete agreement to determine the legitimacy of the extent a business goes to protect its interests.

Orlando Business and Intellectual Law Attorneys

Employees have the option of not signing a non-compete agreement, and this is certainly something you want to be very careful about. Just as important to signing the agreement is having a good non-compete attorney review the agreement beforehand or when questions arise. Every non-compete agreement is different, and is typically fact-specific.

At TK Law, we have years of experience in intellectual property law and are capable of determining whether the non-compete agreement is enforceable. Let our office assist you with your non-competition case and related business needs.

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