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Enforce a Non-Compete Agreement – Orlando Business Lawyers

It is vital to enforce a non-compete agreement among employees to prevent internal business compromises and direct competition. But in order to enforce an agreement, it has to be enforceable. The business law and intellectual property attorneys at TK Law can help you legally draft or enforce a non-compete agreement.

There are necessary steps to follow to ensure your non-compete agreement is more than a piece of paper. The agreement has to serve a legitimate business interest with specific parameters that are not overreaching. A lawyer who assists you should already know what legal avenues to pursue if the agreement appears to be violated.

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Legitimate Business Interest

Your non-compete agreement should be enforceable if you are serving a legitimate business interest. Included in your business interests are confidential information and trade secrets, as well as your customer base. License documentation and right standing with local, state and federal taxes intricately tie into a business’s legitimacy. Also critical is whether your business violates any noncompete agreements from your previous employer.

If contested, a business owner enforces an agreement by producing the evidence of the legitimate interests within the document.

Specific and Specialized Protections of Non-Competes

An enforceable non-compete agreement must be reasonable and specific. It must be reasonable in areas of geographical coverage, in time, and in the line of business you are pursuing. It must be specific in any specialized protections or other inclusions that apply to the particular venture.

At TK Law, we sit down with our clients to discuss what protections are desired and in what methods noncompete agreements are most enforceable. Our attorneys are well-versed in drafting non-compete agreements to the benefit of our clients. As commercial litigation attorneys experienced in the enforcement of noncompete covenants, we have the resources, experience and reputation for results that can help you.

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