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Trade Name and Trademark – What’s the Difference?

Orlando IP Attorney Explains When You Need Both Trade Name and Trademark Protection

Many times a person’s entire future is invested in his or her business idea or venture. In Florida, there are multiple ways you can protect your business interests, including a trade name and federal or state trademark.

A trademark is not to be confused with a trade name. The trade name of the business is the “official name” by which a company is “doing business as” (or DBA). It is generally only necessary when business is done under a name other than that of the owner, or if a business is already established and wants to register under a different name.

The business organization or business structure you create will play a role in whether you register a trade name. Sole proprietorships, partnerships corporations, LLCs — all would require registering a DBA. However, simply registering a trade name does not give an entity the sole right to use the business name.

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Federal Trademark

A trademark is your descriptive symbol, sign, design or expression that seals an idea as belonging to you. It can be a brand name, logo, slogan, character, color, sound or even an abbreviation.

When you register a trademark federally with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, you aim for exclusive use of your idea. Extensive searches should be completed to ensure the trademark is not already in use so that you are protected from any liability or infringement.

An attorney can apply for the trademark for you or you can apply. However, for the sake of your business, it is wise to seek an attorney’s guidance throughout the entire trademark process.

Florida Trademark

A state trademark offers protection when the trademark is used in just one state; a state trademark is therefore not protected under federal registration, for instance as required in interstate commerce. Florida trademark applications are filed with the Florida Department of State.

State trademarks give exclusive use of a business idea, name, design, etc., to the registered user. It is not necessary to register a trademark in the state if it is registered federally, yet in some instances it may be beneficial to do so.

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