Living Wills in Florida Estate Planning

For many, how we die is at least as important as how we live. A living will is usually the document that will express and govern your wishes regarding life support and medical care in the event that you become completely incapacitated.

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Living Wills

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Florida Living Wills – Understanding Advance Directives

  • Do you want to be kept alive artificially?
  • Do you want to remain on life support if you are in a vegetative state?

Depending on your beliefs, a living will is often the single most important estate planning tool. Often referred to as an advance directive, a living will allows you to dictate the terms of your end of life.

The living will essentially is a written expression of your wishes relating to the use of extraordinary measures to extend your life when there is no reasonable expectation that you will regain consciousness or recover.

A living will is governed by Florida Statutes and must be prepared and executed a very specific and particular way. Many companies selling generic or "boiler plate" living will forms are not offering documents specific to Florida; when the time comes these documents will likely fail the test. Make sure that you meet with a Florida attorney to prepare your living will.

Make sure that your instructions are clear and that your living will expresses your wishes.

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