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In 2007, the NHTSA reported 530 motorcycle related casualties in Florida, more than any other state in the nation.

Florida's warm climate and motorcycle events, such as Daytona's popular "Bike Week", make bike riding popular here in Florida. With the substantial number of motorcycles on Florida roads and highways, crashes with cars unfortunately take place relatively frequently.

Although other drivers are often to blame, the motorcycle operator and passengers typically suffer the most significant consequences.

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A recent report stated that individuals in motorcycle crashes in Florida are six times more likely to die than automobile drivers. The attorneys at Kramer Law understand the unique nature of motorcycle injuries and accidents. We are familiar with the dire consequences that motorcycle riders may face with an accident.

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Orlando Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Causes of Motorcycle-Related Accidents

Motorcycle collisions and crashes happen in a variety of circumstances, but some of the more common situations are a driver recklessly turning in front of a motorcycle, a driver's failure to yield right of way or follow posted traffic signs, or a driver's failure to see a motorcyclist when entering an intersection, pulling into traffic, or changing lanes.

In many collisions between a motorcycle and automobile, a negligent, reckless, or inattentive automobile driver is at fault.

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Motorcycle Accidents and Motorcycle Helmets

In 2000, Florida's laws regarding helmets changed. The new Florida Helmet Law is encompassed in Florida Statute § 316.211.

Florida's Helmet Law essentially requires motorcycle operators under 21 to wear a helmet. For riders 21 and older, a helmet is not required if the motorcycle operator is covered by an insurance policy providing for at least $10,000 in medical benefits for injuries incurred as a result of a crash while operating or riding on a motorcycle.

Florida is a comparative fault state, so even if you are involved in a crash and sustain head injuries due to not wearing your helmet, you may still be able to receive damages.

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