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An amputation injury refers to an injury where an individual loses a limb or body part in an accident, or the limb is so badly crushed, burned, torn or otherwise injured that removing it from the body is the only option. Amputation injury claims are often the irrevocable consequence of tragic

Amputation claims also can be the end result of any manner of casualties caused by another party’s recklessness or negligence.

The Kramer Law injury attorneys vigorously represent Orlando area residents in cases involving loss of limb due to accident, infection or other negligent cause that resulted in amputation or dismemberment.

We seek maximum compensation in amputation-related cases because we know the injury alters more than just one person’s life. The permanency of the loss of a limb or extremity causes hardship for the individual and his or her family beyond the costs of surgery, medical treatments, rehabilitation or prosthetics.

We answer the difficult questions for our clients, and will and seek every possible means for their best quality of life after amputation. Contact a reliable lawyer you can trust today at Kramer Law. We offer a free, no obligation consultation: 855-Kramer-Now (855-572-6376).

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What to Look for when Seeking an Amputation Injury Lawyer

Loss of limb cases relate to the amputation of any limb, including arms, legs, feet, hands, fingers, toes and other extremities. In many cases, a doctor performs an amputation procedure to prevent infection caused by a previous accident. Other cases are the direct result of another’s negligence.

Our attorneys are experienced representing amputation cases, even when more than one party is responsible. If the incident takes place on the job, we abide by workers’ compensation legislation for the greatest benefit of our client.

Millions of dollars in medical expenses can accrue in amputation injury claims. It is essential that the attorney you choose to represent you in these claim knows which records to obtain to support your case, as well as doctors’ statements to confirm the need for a prosthetic device, surgery, rehabilitation, mobility aids or other amputee equipment, or long-term care. An attorney also needs to understand the client’s goals for moving forward.

With a compassionate lawyer at Kramer Law, we take the time to listen to our clients and professionally interpret the steps necessary for a successful case.

Orlando Attorneys Versed in Workers’ Compensation and Disability

Florida has specific workers’ compensation laws that pertain to certain injuries. For example, the loss of a foot in a work-related incident amounts to a set number of weeks of paid compensation and/or medical expenses and prosthetics. A person is sometimes declared totally disabled because of amputation.

If you qualify for Social Security Disability, we have attorneys who will fight for your rights to disability income.

Committed Representation in Amputation Injury Accident Claims

Any person who has wrongly suffered through an amputated limb or appendage deserves to be represented by an aggressive and skilled accident attorney. From the time you are ready to take action in your case, Kramer Law is there to handle all legal matters while you recover emotionally and physically. You can call on us immediately.

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