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Crane accidents involve serious and often fatal injury to construction workers and the general public. If you or a loved one is involved in a crane injury, never let a corporation talk you out of speaking to a lawyer. Call the experienced injury attorneys today at Kramer Law for an aggressive legal team that fights for maximum compensation in your claim.

Negligence is a major cause of injuries from cranes and other heavy equipment. No family deserves the pain of watching a loved one suffer because of a workplace accident that should never have happened. While your family heals, lawyers at Kramer Law pursue the critical evidence and investigate the circumstances involved. Time is of the essence, especially when dealing with workers’ compensation laws.

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Crane Accidents and Third-Party Claims, Workers’ Compensation and Social Security Disability

While heavy equipment injuries usually happen at construction sites, the general public is also at risk. This is because cranes can overturn, bring down dangerous power lines, or even have mechanical failures.

In cases where a third party is involved, it is essential that your lawyer carefully reviews all evidence that reveals the company’s negligent act contributed to the injury. This is especially important when multiple contractors are involved and the injury is the result of a lack of training or other negligence.

Your attorney must also be familiar with critical Workers’ Compensation and Social Security Disability laws. Contact a Kramer Law attorney right away for us to file your workers’ compensation claim well within the time Florida law allows. We work with all necessary resources to examine if you are entitled to Social Security Disability benefits.

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Examining Long-Term Care

We do not just go after a single legal victory; Kramer Law strives to serve our clients for life. As we work through a case, we seek the necessary providers and services our client will need for both current and long-term care. Your Kramer Law attorney will lead you in the right direction for medical care, financial planning and daily life management.

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Kramer Law attorneys work with the utmost integrity and confidentiality with our clients. We are not intimidated by large corporations or billion dollar insurance companies. We are here to fight for you now, and will be here to protect and advise you and your family in any legal issue you may encounter in the future.

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