Dog Bite Claims: Who’s Liable? Orlando Lawyer Explains

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Were you or a loved one bitten by a dog? Your choice of lawyer is very important in proving liability in dog bite claims in Florida. An experienced attorney will know how to build and present the case to the insurance company in a manner to efficiently obtain maximum damages without going to court.

As our video explains, proving liability in dog bite cases is different from other personal injury claims. Orlando dog owners are strictly liable when their dog bites someone. The person who was attacked and bitten does not have to prove the owner was negligent. To prevail in a dog bite lawsuit, you must be able to prove:

  • The dog bit you
  • The individual you are suing owns the dog
  • You were legally and rightfully in the location where the dog attack happened

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If you or a family member suffer injuries resulting from a dog attack, contact the dog bite attorneys at Kramer Law as soon as possible. The most important steps a victim can take in a dog bite case is to act quickly to preserve all possible evidence. Our attorneys will help you take steps to:

  • Notify law enforcement and make an official record of the attack
  • Get all insurance and contact information from the owner of the dog
  • Get proof of rabies vaccination; obtain vet records
  • Get any witness statements, and witness contact information
  • Take photos if possible of the injury, the dog, and the site the attack took place
  • Ensure you receive proper medical attention

Our firm can investigate your injuries and the scene of the attack. We thoroughly evaluate your case to determine whether you have a claim against the dog owner’s property, homeowners or other insurance.

We represent Orlando dog bite cases on contingency fee arrangements, meaning you do not pay legal fees unless we win your case. When we take on a dog bite claim, our attorneys will uncover all the facts of the case. Kramer Law will make certain your rights are fully protected and that you are fairly compensated for your injuries, current and future medical costs, lost wages, pain and suffering and permanent scarring or disfigurement.

I am a dog owner. Can I escape liability if my dog bites someone on my property?

A possible exception to the rule of strict liability in proving a Florida dog bite case is when the owner puts a sign in a prominent place on the property that says “Bad Dog.” In accordance with Florida Statute § 767.04, the sign has to be highly visible and easy to read. By doing so, the owner may not be responsible for the injuries.

Also as our video points out, if a bite victim in any way provoked the dog attack, they may be found to be “comparatively negligent.” This means the amount of financial recovery is decreased by the percentage of the bite victim’s fault.

How Serious Are the Injuries in Dog Bite Claims?

When a person is attacked and physically harmed by a dog, there are various ways in which a victim can suffer harm. Severe injuries often require immediate emergency treatment, surgeries (including cosmetic or plastic surgery) and possibly long-term medical care. Injuries can involve long-lasting psychological trauma.

An experienced Kramer Law attorney will consider both the visible wounds and the damage that we cannot see—yet are just as debilitating—as part of the claim. We will ensure that the insurance company fully compensates our client for physical and psychological injuries.

Kramer Law handles cases for many different types of injuries caused from dog attacks including:

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Any number of events and circumstance factor into proving dog bite cases. Even if the injured person has a serious wound, backed by witness testimony and a doctor’s statement; even if the dog owner has posted distinct “bad dog” signs on the premises—various other components surrounding the specific case may affect liability.

To learn if you have a valid claim, or to understand if you are liable, contact Kramer Law as soon as possible or reach us by calling: 855-Kramer-Now (855-572-6376).

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