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Electrical accident injuries can occur in hazardous areas in both the home and the workplace. Many workers face the threat of electrocution in the course of their job. Overhead power lines on a construction site, defective power tools or other faulty electrical equipment at work are just a few scenarios. Other accidents may result from

  • improperly exposed, downed or frayed electrical wires;
  • substandard or poorly insulated wiring;
  • sags in power lines
  • short circuits and arcs
  • power lines running too near a building
  • digging and hitting buried electrical cable
  • improper commercial or residential wiring

If you or a loved one suffer from burns or other injuries from exposure to electrical power, whether high voltage or low voltage, call a Kramer Law personal injury attorney for experienced representation. Our legal team is skilled in the investigation of electrocution accidents and will vigorously pursue any claim against negligent property owners, employers, contractors or other liable parties.

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Our lawyers represent clients with electrical workplace injuries as well as the loved ones of those who have died due to electrocution accidents. In some instances, we fight in court. Other times, Kramer Law reaches fair and just agreements with multiple parties for injuries caused by dangerous products, wrongful acts and/or negligence.

We seek maximum compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, job retraining, and emotional and physical pain and suffering to the highest limitations Florida Law allows. Contact Kramer Law in Orlando so we can start evaluating your case. We begin with a free, no obligation consultation. You can call us now at 855-Kramer-Now (855-572-6376).

Lawyers Who Go after More than One Responsible Party

At Kramer Law, our attorneys represent clients from all walks of life whose injuries are sometimes the result of more than one party. Such experience is critical when an injury involves the workplace and private citizens. Electrical companies and contractors may also be liable.

Even when nature causes an electrical accident injury such as in a lightning-related event, Kramer Law thoroughly investigates to determine if any other factor contributed to the injury.

Electrical Injury Symptoms

We urge clients to seek medical help as soon as possible when in contact with any debilitating low-voltage or high-voltage power. Victims may be severely injured immediately, yet in some cases the full extent of the damage may not materialize until later. Injuries may include:

  • Brain, heart and nerve damage
  • Damaged muscle function
  • Electrical shock
  • Electrical burns, thermal contact burns, flash burns
  • Vision and hearing loss
  • Falling due to involuntary muscle spasms
  • Seizures, or
  • Wrongful death

Legal Representation When Needed Most

Kramer Law works with clients for a variety of workplace and personal injury claims. When necessary, we employ experts at the top of their fields to help solidify the case.

We offer a free consultation and serve on a contingency basis, which ensures every unfortunate victim of electrical accidents can receive effective legal representation. If we do not collect compensation for you, we do not get paid.

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