Orlando Personal Injury Lawsuit – Do I Have a Case?

How does a person know if they have a valid injury claim? Attorneys file a personal injury lawsuit on behalf of clients when it is likely another’s recklessness or negligence caused the injury. Basically three elements need to be present for a valid claim to be made:

  • The person responsible was actually negligent
  • The negligence caused the injury
  • The injury resulted in actual harm

The list seems simple, yet every circumstance is uniquely complicated, and the law embracing these factors is complex. A good accident attorney is essential in establishing whether you have a valid accident injury case.

Kramer Law is here to assist you to determine the true value of your case. We examine the facts and establish whether a legal process is necessary for you to be fairly compensated for any damages you suffer.

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Insurers Will Try to Settle Quickly

Many times the liable party’s insurance adjusters rush to settle a case before the injured person ever gets to talk to a lawyer or file a lawsuit. By no means does a fast settlement mean it is a fair settlement.

The negligent party’s insurance provider is betting on spending pennies on the dollar. They hope personal injury victims will not understand the legal implications of their case. They also know that most victims of serious injury will not realize the full implications of their medical costs and lost income until much later.

The concerned and experienced attorneys at Kramer Law will not allow the insurance company to manipulate you. Contact Kramer Law today for a free, no obligation consultation to help understand your case’s possibilities, and to ensure you have legal counsel who is going to protect you. We will evaluate the evidence, determine the potential for a lawsuit, and provide you with the utmost respect and understanding for any questions you have.

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Case Factors in a Personal Injury Lawsuit

No magic formula exists to tell exactly “how much” a case is worth. However, many factors are considered in the probability of a successful lawsuit. We dig into diverse components that are revealed in the process of investigating a case. Any estimate done any other way would be inaccurate, with the possible risk of leaving hundreds of thousands of dollars of desperately needed compensation on the table.

One factor is identifying who is liable. More than one person or corporation may be responsible in some cases. Other information we examine include

  • Where the injury occurred;
  • Available evidence to help prove the case;
  • Available insurance information from each negligent person or corporation;
  • Past or current medical records that may pertain to injury;
  • Did the plaintiff contribute to the event in any way;
  • Are there witnesses;
  • Will the injured party have long term medical bills; will they be disabled;
  • Was the plaintiff disfigured;
  • How a jury would perceive the plaintiff, the defendant, and the case.

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Free Case Evaluation

At Kramer Law, we offer a free evaluation to help you reach a conclusion on whether to move forward with a lawsuit. We do so using the information you provide and the experience our seasoned attorneys have in representing cases throughout Florida.

Not only do we offer a free consultation: we also represent you in your personal injury case on a contingency basis. This means we are not paid a cent in attorney fees if we do not receive compensation for you.

Orlando Lawyers You Can Trust

Kramer Law clients do not have to worry about breaches in confidentiality. As we represent you, we ensure protection of your integrity and privacy to the full extent. Do not discuss the facts of your case with an insurance company without speaking with us first.

Rely on knowledgeable attorneys who know how to obtain the full amount your personal injury claim is worth, while you focus on recovery.

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