Avoid these Costly Personal Injury Mistakes!

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Today’s video talks about common personal injury mistakes made by injury victims that can damage or ruin their claim. These mistakes happen when

  1. claimants exaggerate their injuries
  2. claimants hide or lie about prior medical history
  3. claimants hide or lie about prior accidents

All of these mistakes involve the injured party communicating with others about their case. These simple and avoidable errors can ruin a claim. The injured party must do everything possible to protect their rights to recover maximum damages in order to pay for current and future medical expenses, lost wages, possible rehabilitation or even long-term disability.

Once a claimant becomes aware of these mistakes, they can easily avoid this tragedy.

To expand upon how ill-advised communications can destroy or jeopardize your personal injury case, here are three more mistakes often made by injury victims – and why it is vital to seek the counsel of a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible.

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More Personal Injury Mistakes to Avoid

  • Do not make statements to the insurance company. Do not discuss your case or answer any questions with any insurance company—even your own—before speaking with your lawyer. This includes accepting any estimate or appraisal of your losses due to the injury. This also includes signing any releases or waivers from the insurer. Insurance providers often ask confusing, misleading or otherwise inappropriate questions meant to trap unsuspecting parties into actions or statements that ultimately deprive the injured person of getting maximum or adequate recovery.
  • Do not discuss your case with third parties. Do not talk about your case or your injuries, or give written or recorded statements, to any third party except under advisement of your attorney. This includes the person responsible for your injuries, investigators hired by the insurance companies, and anyone else trying to elicit statements or pry information from you. Contact your attorney and have them represent you in all matters.
  • Do not comment on Facebook, Twitter, etc. Be careful of using social media while your personal injury claim is pending. Insurance companies monitor Facebook and other sites to find ways to avoid paying on claims. Not only posting information about your accident, but any personal online communications should be completely stopped. Even the most innocent posting can be distorted by insurance companies trying to evade or lowball personal injury claims.

At TK Law, we want you to respond carefully and make good decisions about your health and recovery from you injury. If you have not yet talked to an attorney, please remain vigilant until you have representation and avoid these personal injury insurance claim mistakes.

The Next Step: Contact Orlando Personal Injury Attorneys

Above all else, we invite you to contact an experienced lawyer at our firm as soon as possible. Injury victims obtain the best outcome when a skilled attorney handles all negotiations for them. We will make sure you are doing everything to preserve your legal rights, and that you understand the potential value of your personal injury claim.

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