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When property owners willfully neglect to keep their property safe, innocent children and adults can suffer devastating personal injuries. If you or a loved one has been injured because of a dangerous or neglected property condition, you may be able to recover compensation for any losses suffered.

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Florida is home to a diverse array of homes, hotels, shopping centers, sports facilities, clubs, swimming pools, theme parks, night life and other attractions. Laws are in place to ensure these properties are either secure from obvious hazards or that guests are made aware of potential risks. People who are injured on another person’s property or commercial property due to negligence may have grounds to recover compensation for lost wages, medical care, pain and suffering or wrongful death.

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We will determine if more than one party is responsible for your damages and work to either negotiate a settlement with the property owner(s), tenant(s) or the insurance company. Our attorneys prepare each case with the intent of representing our client in court, but we have the astute experience necessary to know when the best possible outcome is a settlement outside of court.

When a Property Owner is Liable

Florida property owners have an obligation to guests’ safety while on their premises. For liability purposes, certain laws pertain to guests in the following categories:

  • Licensees – “Social guests” like friends or family members are considered licensees, or people who are on the premises for non-business purposes. Under Florida law, a property owner must maintain and fix any hazardous areas on the property that the property owner knows about.
  • Invitees – An invitee, which is a consumer who is invited to enter or remain on the premises for commercial benefit, is protected by Florida law more than any other guest. A property owner is liable for any injuries that take place as a result of warnings not being provided about hazards or injuries on the premises that are due to dangers that were not inspected.
  • Trespassers – It is wise not to enter another person’s property without permission. However, although a property owner has fewer obligations to a trespasser than to other types of visitors, he or she can be held liable if there are intentional hazards on the premises meant to injure trespassers.

Who Is Liable in a Premises Liability Lawsuit?

The property owner is generally the person responsible for injuries caused by neglected property conditions or maintenance. However, many Orlando commercial properties are leased to businesses. In that case the business or business tenant leasing the property becomes responsible for the maintenance of the property.

In residential leased properties, certain situations may exist where the renter and the landlord might share responsibility. A contractor working on the premises might also be partially liable. It is up to the injured party to prove that:

  • The owner or operator had knowledge of a condition on the premises
  • The condition posed an unreasonable risk of harm
  • The owner or operator did not exercise reasonable care to reduce or eliminate the risk
  • The failure of the owner or operator of the premises to use such care caused your injuries.

What your Orlando Premise Liability Lawyer Will Do

Kramer Law attorneys handle all types of cases arising from accidents on personal, commercial or public property. In handling your claim, we will take strong action to meet the burden of proof of injury due to negligence, including:

  • Collect evidence such as photographs or video surveillance of the accident scene
  • Interview anyone who witnessed the accident
  • Determine all parties who may be held responsible for the damages our client has suffered
  • Examine all police reports that have been filed
  • Investigate all causes of injury responsible for a slip and fall injury, such as wet floors, uneven pavement, or debris
  • Investigate hazardous conditions such as dog bites and animal attacks, swimming pool accidents, fire or smoke injuries, or assault due to inadequate security
  • Investigate all causes of injury due to negligent maintenance, such as building code or housing code violations, balcony and deck defects, porch collapse and railing failures, or improper commercial displays.
  • Gather and review all medical records to understand the extent of your injuries

In addition, Kramer Law attorneys will work with medical experts and investigators to assess liability and determine fair compensation for your losses. In a personal injury lawsuit, a medical expert may be used to explain to the jury how the premises liability accident caused your injuries. The medical expert may also be used to explain any future medical care that may be necessary as a result of the accident.

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