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The Orlando slip and fall attorneys at the TK Law Firm are committed to helping accident victims and their families get fair compensation and justice. Perhaps you tripped in the parking lot of an Orlando amusement park; or maybe your husband fell down slippery stairs outside a restaurant and broke his leg and pelvis.

A seasoned Orlando premises liability lawyer can help determine whether you can take legal action against a property owner or insurance company in a personal injury claim. To understand your options, contact a slip and fall attorney at TK Law Firm.

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Build an Effective, Systematic Orlando Slip and Fall Case

Orlando Slip and Fall AttorneyIn order to prove a slip and fall case, you are required to show that the slip and fall was caused by a dangerous condition on the property and that the owner was aware of the condition that led to the slip and fall.

The condition must create an unreasonable risk to those on the property and must be something that a reasonable person would not have foreseen. In order to prove that there was a dangerous condition and that the property owner was aware of the dangerous condition leading to the slip and fall, you must prove the following:

  • The property owner caused the dangerous condition
  • The property owner was aware of the condition and was negligent in failing to fix it; or
  • That the condition persisted for a long enough time that a reasonable person should have discovered and corrected the condition before the slip and fall

To prove a slip and fall case, you must show that it is foreseeable that the negligence would lead to the accident at issue. An example is where a beverage is spilled at a gas station and remains on the floor all day long leading to an accident. In such a scenario it is foreseeable that the gas station’s negligence in failing to clean up the spill would lead to the slip and fall accident, and you would be able to recover for your injuries related to the slip and fall accident.

Other instances exist where the case may be very clear, as in cases where the property owner or business owner failed to follow safety regulations or laws relating to safety railings, lighting or other building code violations.

Gathering Evidence

To help prove the property owner was negligent, your slip and fall attorney will gather evidence shortly after the slip and fall. He or she will take photographs of your injury, obtain your medical records and question witnesses to the hazard or incident. If the accident occurred in a public place, such as a grocery store, your attorney will obtain a copy of the accident report. It is important to contact an attorney soon after a slip and fall, as witnesses can forget vital details and key pieces of evidence can be lost.

An Experienced Slip and Fall Attorney Can Make the Difference in Your Case

In theory, Orlando slip and fall cases may sound simple. But practically speaking, nuances abound. Further, it is important that you contact an accident attorney as soon as possible so that they can begin gathering evidence that might otherwise be lost. Such evidence includes photographs of the accident scene, photographs of the injuries, medical records, questioning witnesses and gathering witness statements.

Consult with an Accomplished Slip and Fall Attorney

Beyond the painful concussions, broken legs, internal bleeding or other personal injury, slip and falls can lead to intense and permanently debilitating problems. Whether your elderly mother fell in the cluttered courtyard of her apartment complex; or you broke an ankle on a poorly maintained athletic field, the slip and fall attorneys at the TK Law Firm are ready to help you get justice.

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