Spinal Surgery Errors – Injury Due To Surgical Mistakes

Spinal surgery can turn tragic due to a physician’s error. Victims of surgical mistakes and their families are often forced to deal with enormous medical costs and other devastating problems. These types of surgical errors can involve orthopedic damage to the vertebrae, spinal cord injury, and damage to spinal nerves and arteries.

Spinal surgery errors can also injure the Cauda Equina, which is the group of nerves at the base of the spinal column that provide sensation to the lower limbs and to the pelvic organs that control the function of bowel, bladder, and internal genital organs. Symptoms such as chronic pain, paralysis and mobility damage may evolve over time, and vary in intensity.

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Surgical Errors and Complications

Surgeries of the spine can vary from minimally invasive laser procedures to highly invasive and complex operations; all are associated with risk.

Some injury cases involve negligence, such as:

  • The surgery was performed on the wrong site of the spine
  • The surgery was unnecessary or lab results were ignored or misread
  • Surgical tools were used negligently or not sanitized
  • Medication errors
  • Anesthesia errors
  • Doctor or staff negligence, pre-operation and post-operation
  • The patient was not given proper follow-up instructions
  • The patient was discharged prematurely
  • Patient charts or histories were not property evaluated
  • There was a misdiagnosis prior to the surgery
  • Patient was not advised appropriately
  • Doctor or staff was inattentive or ill-prepared
  • Surgical tools were left inside patient after surgery

Not every bad outcome from a surgical procedure is the result of negligence, and the vast majority of operations performed are successful. Yet patients who suffer injury due to a surgical error have legal rights. They are entitled to a level of treatment that assures that the initial objectives are met. If a doctor or other medical professional deviates from the expected standard of care and harms a patient, they may be liable for their negligence.

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