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Debts of the deceased in Florida cannot legally be passed down to the next surviving family member. Florida law does allow for debts to be paid out of the estate before the family receives what is left.

In addition, debts such as liens on property that is inherited can become the obligation of the beneficiary. The benefactor’s decision then becomes whether or not to accept the property and be responsible for that debt, especially if it was not expected.

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Debt Inheritance and Florida Intestate Succession Law

Establishing a trust or drafting a will with an experienced attorney eases both the grieving and the financial processes a family endures when dividing assets after death. When there is no will present or when the existing will is deemed invalid, Florida has what is called the Intestate Succession Law. This basically means the Florida legislature will determine how to divvy the estate in probate, with precedence going to a surviving spouse, children or parents, respectively. The assets will only be those remaining after all debts have been paid from the estate.

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Estate and debt inheritance matters are critical in anyone’s life. In some cases, simply settling a deceased family’s debt in probate allows you to move on in peace. Other times, properly establishing an estate based on trusts designed to preserve wealth and protect inheritances can make a positive difference in a family’s future quality of life.

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