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Representing Clients in All Types of Florida Trust Litigation

As effective estate planning and administration tools, trusts have gained increased popularity. As a result, many estate disputes become trust disputes, requiring the assistance of a skilled litigation attorney who understands Florida trusts and trust law.

If you are in need of a Central Florida law firm to resolve a deeply disturbing dispute among close family members and beneficiaries − or to protect assets from creditors, the federal or state government or other parties − look to the Kramer Law Firm for unparalleled legal assistance.

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Orlando Trust Litigation LawyersAs trust creators, administrators and litigators, we have a deep understanding of how Florida trust agreements and obligations can be enforced.

We represent family members and beneficiaries who have not received their full inheritance. We represent trustees who want to execute their fiduciary obligations properly.

Knowledgeable Assistance with Complex Orlando Trust Litigation

The Kramer Law Firm is an experienced, full service firm that has helped many Floridians deal with complex estate planning, trust administration, and trust litigation.

The death of a loved one can be a profoundly sad and confusing time. While you crave to find time and space to mourn, you also know that you need to act effectively and legally to prevent (or stop) fighting among beneficiaries; trustee malfeasance, unnecessary tax consequences; damaging creditor claims; and other problems.

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Orlando Trust Litigation Lawyers Bring Clarity to Your Situation

There are various ways to challenge a deceased person’s trust, and a trust can be contested by the executor, trustee, or the guardian of a disabled person’s estate. We can help you in the prosecution or defense of all types of claims involving Florida trust law, for example:

  • Claims against a trustee: We may be able to pursue a claim to hold a trustee accountable on grounds of abuse of power or breach of trust.
  • Trust contest: If you have been deprived by the stipulations of a trust, in circumstances such as undue influence exhibited over the decedent prior to death, or incapacity of the party making the trust, we may be able to take action through a trust contest.
  • Third party lawsuits filed against the trust estate for unsettled debt or personal injury

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Trust litigation can touch on diverse areas of law, including business law, estate planning, bankruptcy, tax law, creditor laws, and even seemingly distant practice areas, like intellectual property and personal injury. The Kramer Law Firm has extensive in-house legal resources to address these diverse concerns.

Any disputes that arise regarding a trust can be emotionally taxing on a family. If you believe your loved one’s intentions are not being honored, or breach of fiduciary duty has otherwise occurred, we can help you take action through firm legal solutions that meet your needs and resolve problems.

You need to take immediate action. There are statutes of limitations as to when you can file a claim in court. Contact us with your trust litigation questions for a free consultation to get the answers you need.

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