How Do I Hire the Best Attorney in Orlando? In the State of Florida?

Video Script Below

How do I hire the best lawyer in Orlando? How do I hire the best attorney in Florida? I’m Steve Kramer. I’m a Florida attorney and today we’re going to talk about hiring the best lawyer possible. And the first thing that stands out with me is that you’ve got to fit with that lawyer that you hire. You’ve got to make sure you see eye to eye and that you’re comfortable doing business together. Now when you’re looking at some other criteria objective, subjective criteria, you might want to see if that lawyer has been recognized with certain honors. Have they been, you know, recognized by their peers for excellence? Like inclusion in the Best Lawyers in America. Are they involved in the community? You know, are they involved with people in the community with charities, with different organizations? Are they involved in the Bar Association? Are they a leader in the legal community? This is an important thing. You want somebody who knows the players, who knows you know the judges, the other attorneys. The old adage is ‘a good lawyer knows the law, a great lawyer knows the judge.’ That is not to say that a judge would be improperly swayed by a relationship with an attorney, that’s to say you want to know what argument is going to win in front of which judge? You want to know the players involved. And if I was going to hire a lawyer – and if you’re going to hire a lawyer – you should check out their office. See how they do business. Is it clean? Do they pay attention to the details? Is it a fly by night operation? These are all very important. The other thing: look in their eyes. Look in their eyes, see if there is somebody you have faith in. That you feel good in your gut, if you feel like this is somebody you can trust. Shake their hand. You know, see how they do business. You might want to consider other ideas like academics, whether they’ve written articles. You know, these are factors to include. Real important – don’t be swayed by advertising. It’s fine that lawyers advertise but that shouldn’t be the end of your search. You’ve got to dig a little bit deeper and make sure that you’re comfortable with the lawyer. That you have faith and confidence in the lawyer that you choose. Make sure you check their experience, ask lots of questions and remember you know nothing good comes free. Find the right lawyer to get you the right result. I’m telling you this because I’ve seen horror stories. I’ve seen cases that have gone wrong because people chose the wrong lawyer. You know, there’s a lot of good lawyers out there you’ve just got to find the right one. And I wouldn’t tell you about these factors if this wasn’t the way we do business. This is how we do business too. You know, all of our lawyers are involved in the community. All of our lawyers know the players. You know, all of these factors - they matter. So if you have any questions - even if you’re not hiring me as a lawyer, you want to know how to find a lawyer – call me. I’d be glad to talk to you. I appreciate you watching the video. Steve Kramer. Thanks for watching.

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