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Business Law5 Things to Know about the Supreme Court's Hobby Lobby Decision and Your Business

The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday ruled against a provision of the 2010 Affordable Care Act requiring many employers to provide female workers with comprehensive insurance coverage for contraception at no extra cost. How will the court’s ruling in Hobby Lobby affect your business?

VIEW ARTICLE - 5 Things to Know about the Supreme Court's Hobby Lobby Decision and Your Business - Orlando Business Journal

VIEW ARTICLE - Jacksonville Business Journal

VIEW ARTICLE - South Florida Business Journal

Divorce & Family LawFamily Business and Divorce

Family businesses are everywhere in Central Florida. But what happens to these assets when a marriage heads south? And what can a spouse do to protect their interest in the family business? Consider the following three ways a family business complicates a Florida divorce.

VIEW ARTICLE - Family Business and Divorce - Spacecoast Business Magazine

VIEW ARTICLE - Family Business and Divorce - I4 Business Magazine

Divorce & Family LawThe "P" Word - Four Reasons Not to Fear a Prenup

To many couples, the word prenup conjures feelings of infidelity, greed and mistrust. The reality, however, is that a prenuptial agreement can provide security and peace of mind to partners who are about to experience a significant life event: marriage.

VIEW ARTICLE - The "P" Word - Four Reasons Not to Fear a Prenup

Divorce & Family LawHow Families Can Cope with Divorce over the Holidays

Not hiring the right divorce attorney can make the holidays very difficult for families, especially children. If you are going through divorce or you are divorced, it can be difficult to decide who gets the kids on Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, New Year’s Day, and all of the in-betweens.

VIEW ARTICLE - How Families Can Cope with Divorce over the Holidays

Business LawLook Before You Leap: Advice on Starting a Business

Success is the focus when starting any new business. Planning for success demands a plan to avoid pitfalls that could result in the failure and bankruptcy of your business and personal financial ruin. In order to craft a successful vision for your business, keep the following four ideas in mind.

VIEW ARTICLE - Look Before You Leap: Advice on Starting a Business

Foreclosure DefenseWhen Foreclosure Follows Divorce

At the conclusion of a divorce, most individuals expect a measure of closure. However, many people find themselves back in court, fighting a foreclosure lawsuit on a home they do not own, alongside the last person they probably want to see- their ex-spouse.

VIEW ARTICLE - When Foreclosure Follows Divorce

Business LawSniffing Out Horse Sense in Business Lawyers

Representing small business properly requires more than understanding multiple areas of law, it also requires understanding how business works.

VIEW ARTICLE - Sniffing Out Horse Sense in Business Lawyers

Factors that Determine the Greatness of an Attorney

The reality is that there are a variety of factors that determine the greatness of an attorney. Some factors are objective, such as trial experience, results in past cases, test scores, or grades. Most factors are subjective such as the quality or persuasiveness of an argument in court.

VIEW ARTICLE - Factors that Determine the Greatness of an Attorney

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